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SLAP script

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Hejsa piger.

Hvis i mangler nogle slaps på irc, så kunne i måske bruge følgende script.

Det skal bare kopiers og lægges ind i Scripts editor/Remote, og når det er gjort, så højre klikker i bare på personen og vælger slappet i menuen!


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menu nicklist,query {
..Trout:me slaps $$1 around with a large trout.
..Smelly Trout:me slaps $$1 around a bit with the remains of a big Smelly Trout!
..Trout Reversal:me slaps a large trout around a bit with $$1 $+ , now you know how it feels.
..Trout Kick Ass:me grabs the trout from $$1 $+ , and kicks him/her in the balls, HOWS IT FEEL HUH?
..Bucket of Fish:me slaps $$1 around with a big bucket of fish.
..Acme Anvil:me drops an Acme Anvil on $$1 $+ .
..Glove:me slaps $$1 around with a glove.
..Armoured Glove:me slaps $$1 around with an armoured glove.
..Hacking:me hacks into $$1’s computer and slaps $$1 up side the head with a rubber chicken!
..Freeze:me sends $$1 to the Artics in Upper Canada and lets $$1 freeze to death with the penguins!
..Wedgee:me runs up behind $$1 and gives him/her a wedgeeeeeeeeeee. Feel better NOW ?????
..Wedgee 2:me grabs $$1’s underwear, pulls it over $$1’s head..... Now you look much better. The brown stain accentuates the shoes.
..Noodle:me slaps $$1 around a bit with a wet noddle.
..Vodka And Weed:me thinks the only way $$1 can look better is with a bottle of vodka and a joint.
..Bath:me thinks that $$1 REALLY needs a BATH..... :)
..Wake Up:me slaps $$1 to wake em up....
..Pillow:me slaps $$1 over the head with a fluffy pillow.
..Rubber Chicken:me slaps $$1 about the head and shoulders with a rubber chicken.
..Walk Backwards:me slaps $$1’s face so hard, $$1 has to walk backwards from now on to see where he/she is going.
..Brick:me slaps some sense into $$1 with a red brick.
..Sledge Hammer:me hits $$1 in the head with a sledge hammer and then hands $$1 an Aspirin!
..Goldfish:me gives $$1 a dozen GoldFish, who then takes them and swallows them, one by one.
..WetNoodle:me whips $$1 with a wet noodle!
..The Pill:me warns $$1 $+ , don’t make the same mistake your parents did... use birth control.
..Hunter:say 4Deer season has opened!! | .timerhunter1 1 4 me stuffs $$1 into a deer suit and shoves him into the woods. | .timerhunter2 1 10 me hears gunshots.. | .timerhunter3 1 14 me sees a hunter drag $$1’s dead body out of the woods.
.Funny 2
..Pipe:me nails $$1 in the calves with an iron pipe.
..Baseball Bat:me pops $$1 in the side of the head with a baseball bat.
..Fork:me takes out a fork... | me approaches $$1 ... | me rams the fork up $$1’s nose.
..Fire Hose:me slaps $$1 with a fire hose!
..Law Suit:me slaps $$1 with a huge law suit!
..Duck:me slaps $$1 with a great big, wet, 100% rubber DUCK!
..Fudge:me slaps $$1 with a gallon of hot fudge covered icecream topped with peanutbutter M&M’s, runs over with a spoon and gives a devilish gleam.
..Squid:me slaps $$1 with a large squid... I hope you like seafood.
..Leg Pee:me says keep it up $$1 I’ll pee on your leg!
..Boot:me shoves an old boot down $$1’s throat just to keep $$1 quiet!
..Pillow:me Baps $$1 with a soft feather pillow full of drake feathers
..Butt Slap:me whips $$1 on the {{BUTT}} really hard!!!
..Biteme:say HEY $$1!!: {{{{{{{ Bite Me }}}}}}}.
..ShutUp:me yells at $$1 Hey!!! Shut up or I’ll rip your arm off and beat you with it!!!
..Chariot:me harnesses up $$1 as a horse to my Chariot and then drives you around the arena with a Whip !!!
..BootyButt:me shakes (_/_)~(_I_)~(_\_)~(_I_)~(_/_)~ WOOOOOO at $$1 Kiss my Booty; You Crazy Fool!!!
..StompBug:me warns $$1 $+ , Careful, or I’ll STOMP ya like a (:Ï:) BUG!!
..Karate:me uses his karate and nails $$1 in the head.
..Feeling Lucky?:me asks $$1 do you feel lucky? Well do ya... punk?
..Lightning:me uses my super human powers and rains lightning down on $$1
..Messing With?:me doesn’t think $$1 knows who they are messing with.
..Sneakin:me sneaks into $$1’s place & replaces the computer with an 8088 processor with no sound card, no CD-Rom drive, a 20 Meg HD, 512k RAM, 1200 baud modem & a monochrome monitor!
..LSD:me sneakes over to $$1’s house and puts some LSD into $$1’s glass of Coke!
..ColdWater:me throws a bucket of ICE water over the toilet stall door and hits $$1!
..Male or Female?:me hates to be personal $$1 $+ , but are you male or female... It does make a difference.
.Funny 3
..Bricks: say $$1 dont make me fetch another brick. | .timerbricks1 1 1 me throws a brick at $$1. | .timerbricks2 1 2 me patches $$1 up with a band-aid 7(:::::[::::]:::::)6, "Be carefull next time you go walking into flying bricks"
..Hoe:me says: $$1 I will snap yo ass in a bear trap and leave you mutha fucking swinging in a tree so high nobody find j00 for days.
..Nuts:me kicks $$1 in da nuts.
..Large dildo:me slaps $$1 $+ . with a large dildo
..Punch:me hits $$1 so hard that his/her kids will be born dizzy!
..Run:me yells RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, $$1 is here. NEED I say more!!!!!!!
..omglol:me says, is it true what they are saying about $$1 that he wankz to ?
..Bloody Pussy:me slaps $$1 around with a bloody pussy.
..Smelly Pussy:me slaps $$1 around with a smelly pussy.
..Wrinkly Old Pussy:me slaps $$1 around with a wrinkly old grandma’s pussy.
..Skunk:me throws an irate skunk into $$1’s lap
..Girl - Rag:me forces a girl on her rag to sit on $$1’s face while $$1 has to lick her up
..Blow Me:me says so it isn’t christmas, what’s the fucking difference, blow me $$1
..Suck Dick:me inquires: are you a peter puffer $$1? Do you suck dicks. You’re the kind of guy that would fuck a guy in the ass and not even give him a reach around! I’ll be watching you $$1
..Vomit:me throws a bucket of vomit in $$1’s face
..No Dick:me looks for a dick on $$1... Yes it’s true, $$1 doesnt have one.
..Pro Choice:me is pro-choice because of you $$1 $+ , you people make me wish everyone was pro-choice.
..Farm Sex:me says It’s true what they tell me $$1. You can take the man out of the farm but you cant take the farm out of the man!!!! Now get off that sheep $$1
..Don’t Start Something:say 1,4 1,8 Ððñ’t §tå®t §ðmêthïñg ¥ðü ©åñ’t fïñï§h!! 1,4 =======>13 $$1
..CocaCola Cowboy:say $$1 $+ , you’re just a Coca Cola Cowboy!
..Alt+F4:say To get instant ops, just press Alt+F4
..Myre:me ser $$1 er ved at få et Blow-Job af en 5MYRE
..Roses:me tellls $$1: Roses are red, violets are blue... I was made beautiful, what the hell happened to you?
..Face:me tells $$1 If my dog had a face like yours, I would shave my dog’s ass and make him walk backwards.
..Corn Flakes:me tells $$1 Yep. I’d say you’re almost as interesting as the corn flakes I had for breakfast this morning.
..Subway:me tells $$1 $+ , the only difference between your mother and a subway is that not EVERYBODY has ridden a subway.
..Elevator:me says your mom is like an elevator $$1 $+ ; if you push the right button she’ll go down on you!
..Shotgun:me says your mom is like a shotgun $$1 $+ ; one cock and she’s ready to blow.
..Race Car:me says your mom is like a racecar $$1 $+ ; she can burn four rubbers in one night but she is going to have to pay me.
..Turn On:me says Yo moma is so fat $$1 anyone can turn her on.
..HoHoHo:me tells $$1 when I see a christmas card that says "Ho-Ho-Ho!" $$1 $+ , I know to address it to your mom.
..Your Sister:me says your sister sucks so much dick $$1 $+ , she could sell her spit to a sperm bank!
..Full Of Shit:me says you remind me of a toilet bowl $$1 - fat, round, and full of shit.
..Small Dick:me tells $$1 $+ , your dick is so small that if they took it to court, they would have to throw it out for lack of evidence.
..Accent:me asks if that is an accent $$1 $+ , or is that your mouth just full of sperm?
..Your Dad:me says if I would had 10 bucks $$1 $+ , I could have been your dad, but the guy in front of me had exact change.
..Light Switch:me says you’re like a light switch $$1 $+ , even a little kid can turn you on.
..Babtized:me says to $$1 $+ , your mom is so fat that she had to get baptized at sea world!
..Chins:me tells $$1 $+ , your mom is so fat that she’s got more chins than a chinese phone book
..Bath:me says your mom is so fat $$1 that you gotta grease the tub to get her in the bath!
..She Pays Me:me asks $$1 a favor. When you get a chance: would you tell your mom that starting tomorrow night, she is going to have to pay me. %logo
..Mom’s Fat:say Your mom is so fat $$1 she sat on a quarter and squished a booger out of George Washington’s nose.
..BandAid:me patches $$1 up with a band-aid 7(:::::[::::]:::::)6, "Now you be carefull next time"
..Rose:me hands $$1 a rose 4@>3--’--,--
..Hug:me hugs $$1.
..Beer:me wants to give a 3,3|0BEER3,3| to $$1
..Felur:me gives a 7--8,88|8,84(8,8|4,48:4,44| to $$1
..Kung fu:me gives a 7--8,00|8,01(0,0|4,10:4,11|  to $$1
Danske Slaps
...Deagle:me lister op bagved $$1 og tager deaglen frem og blæser knoppen af $$1
...USP:me ser $$1 løbe rundt ude på fodbold banen og ligner en mongol så jeg bliver nød til at tage usp frem og skyde $$1 i benene
...Glock:me stikker glocken op i snotten af $$1 og skyder knoppen af $$1
...Dual:me løber rundt om hjørnet og ser den grimme $$1 hvor efter jeg trykker 30 skud af i hovedet af ham
...shotty:Me tager sin shotgun frem og spørger $$1 om vi skal lege fange
...Mp-5:Me tager Mp5 frem og skyder $$1 i fødderne
...Steyr Tactical:me tager Steyr Tactical frem og skyder $$1 i højre klunk
...Smoke:Me siger til sit team "lad os ryge $$1 ud"
...AK:me tager sin AK frem og sigter efter $$1 og skyder hjelmen af ham!
...Colt:me sætter lyd dæmper på og skyder $$1 i skulderne
...Steyr-Aug:me zoomer ind på $$1 og skyder ham ned på 1hp
...AWM:me tager AWM/AWP frem og skyder knæ skallen af $$1
.EGNE Slaps
..DGL:/me Sætter en Deagle i nakken på $$1 og skråler " MAKE MY DAY PUNK"
..G-streng:/me $$1 din mors g-streng har tidligere tilhørt Jydsk Flagkompagni'
..Pisk:/me pisker $$1 med en 9halede pisk nu hvor $$1 hænger på væggen alligevel !!
..PAN1:/me Har hOrt $$1 tjener nemme penge på Pan!
..Amon:/me har en begrundet mistanke om at $$1 er ham, der er inde i Amin Jensen!
..Goatsex:/me is searching for $$1 + goatsex on yahoo. WEEE 863 Hits!
..PAN2:/me giver $$1 en PAN GangBangGayNight™-billet!
..Helmutlotti:/me tvinger $$1 til at høre en mystisk sammenblanding af Helmut Lotti og Scatman John i de næste 24 timer, mens han selv supplerer med lidt el-orgels solo
..Økse:/me ødelægger $$1 `s hoved med bagsiden af en økse !!
..ørefigen:/me giver $$1 en ørefigen!
..flisen:/me har lige bestemt at $$1 skal ned på flisen, for at tjene lidt håndøre til chefen.
..PAN3:/me har hørt at $$1 er erotisk danser på pan...!
..Basker:/me tager $$1 `s halvvåde og lidt klistrede eksemplar af pige-special, og basker $$1 i den bare R..!
..GAYnight:/me nakker $$1's GayNight™-billet og æder den, så $$1 begynder at tude over at han ikke har noget at lave i aften.
..spørg der:/me tager $$1 og propper hans hovede op i $$1`s egen røv..OG RÅBER....spørg der Knægt!
..håndruller:/me Beordre $$1 til at håndrulle 25000 smøger til chefen!.
..skammekrigen:/me Sender $$1 over i skammekrogen, hvor $$1 skal skrive 1000 linjer med teksten GF4EVER er min GUD!.
..rødt kort:/me $$1 har lige fået et rødt kort, så nu må $$1 som straf bøje sig ned så GF4EVER, kan få sit Straffespark...
..prins henrik:/me har hørt at $$1 er Prins Henrik´s, " hemmlige " ven.........
..Rocco:/me har hørt at $$1 har været stuntrøv i en film med analkongen Rocco...
..femmeren:/me ligger en femmer på $$1's natbord og siger:" Ahh du er sgu lidt mere slap end den oppustelige derhjemme!"
..klemme:/me har hørt at $$1 kan lide at blive slået hårdt, alt imens $$1 bliver kaldt BAMBI har lige bestemt at $$1 skal være |Br.B|Abel`s so resten af ugen.
..ømt punkt:/me Finder det ømme punkt på $$1 og trykker rigtigt længe og rigtigt hårdt
..mys:/me giver $$1 et mys
..tanktop:/me har hørt at $$1 kan lide at rende rundt i parken om natten, iført tanktop og højhælede støvler.
..sniffer1:/me Sniffer lidt til $$1, og kan konstatere at $$1 ikke lugter for godt......
..sniffer2:/me Sniffer lidt til $$1, og siger nej tak ikke idag skat :p
..Budda:/me Der er sku lidt Budda over $$1 når $$1 tager trøjen af!

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